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Tutor: Encourage

Tutoring students of all ages has allowed me to get inside of minds that once believed that they couldn’t do what it takes to achieve. Once students work with my staff and I, the words “I can’t” turns into, “I can”. Our services have been proven to work because we get RESULTS! We are able to get results because we believe in one-on-one tutoring sessions with students and we use a variety of material to meet the needs of the student. One-on-one sessions prevents embarrassment and helps to build self esteem and confidence. Confidence allows the student to speak freely and truly get the individualized learning and attention that is sometimes difficult to obtain in the regular classroom setting. The confidence that students gain from our services allows them to be encouraged to do their best!

Tutoring services are available to all ages which include children, adults and senior citizens. Tutors are highly qualified and are certified teachers. We specialize in Reading, Writing, Math, Ohio State Tests, SAT, ACT, scholarship writing and proper ways to fill out scholarship applications. Before a student begins working with us, we will assess and evaluate to ensure that we meet the student’s educational needs and the skill gap. Once assessment is complete, results are immediately provided so that we may create an individualized plan to build deficient skills.

How will you know what your child is doing in our tutoring program?
Progress reports are sent home every two weeks and the tutor takes notes of all things observed during session. A parent meeting is also scheduled after four to six weeks of the student being in the program. This is to keep strong communication of how well student is doing and to keep everyone abreast of the progress.

Will you get to see your child’s work?
Yes. We provide portfolios to students. The portfolio is a compilation of all the work the student has done in the program. The work that is done will be graded and reviewed by the tutor. When the child completes the program, the portfolio is yours to take.

Do our program work on homework assignments?
Yes but we believe in focusing on the skills that the student is struggling in so that we can build the capacity to do more in the classroom. In addition, we attempt to work with the teacher to ensure that there is not any confusion on how the teacher taught the skill versus the way we teach the skill.

How long does a child need to be in tutoring?
It depends on the student and the level of assistance needed. I recommend at least eight weeks. This gives the student time to build confidence within self and the subject matter.

How much do I charge?
Free consultations are provided. Fee is based upon number of days and hours tutoring takes place.


Educational Consultant: Inspire

Educational consulting has been a rewarding experience! It has been rewarding because not only do I build relationships with more educators but I show them how to take the limits off of what limits them from being the most important people in the world! I have taught administrators, teachers, parents,
community stakeholders and students how to love education! I have done this through sharing my most powerful moments as an educator and providing data that has proven my capabilities to move schools toward academic excellence! Consulting others has lead to change but most importantly, they were inspired to change!

I consult Superintendents, administrators, teachers and any other stakeholders involved in the educational process of students. Consultations are conducted one on one, small group or whole group. I can deliver meetings by grade levels, subject concentrations, topics that need consulting in the school setting and topics to assist with pushing academic achievement. Materials for consultations will be provided upon collaboration and approval of whose needing me to consult.

How will I meet the needs during consultations?
Consultations are delivered in the format of a professional development where information will be given from researched based, best practices and things that I have done that have been proven to work in the classroom and school setting.

What goal do I have in mind as I work with you and your staff?
To give the best professional development centered around best practices, teacher as the professional, and student as the learner.

What areas of education are you experienced in to consult?
My experience is wide range which includes leadership, classroom management, effective teaching, curriculum, coaching, how to teach at risk youth, how to use data as a friend, learning environment, team building, creating a culture of literacy and positive environment.

How far in advance can you book a date?
Call for availability.

Who Moved My Cheese? – Spencer Johnson M.D.
How Full Is Your Bucket? – Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D.


Motivational Speaker: Motivate

Motivational speaking and coaching has allowed me to impact and inspire professionals, parents, family members, friends, associates and one’s I’ve met for the first time. The impact has allowed lives to be changed and as a result have changed the lives of others. I credit my motivational expertise to overcoming many obstacles in my own life and experiences I’ve had to face. I believe that if one doesn’t believe in self, how can one motivate others!

Speaking engagements at convocations, seminars, schools, conferences, colleges, conventions, workshops, small group, large group and one on one. Materials for speaking engagements will be provided upon collaboration and approval of whose needing me to speak.

What topics have I spoken on?
• How to stay happy about the gifts God has given you.
• Setting aside personal conflicts to get the results needed to build a team.
• How to love you!
• Accountability, no biggie! I can do this!
• How to motivate low achievers.
• Everyone is a leader that believes. Keep believing!
• Negativity, has no place in the face of a child’s education.
• Creativity not mediocrity

How many years of experience do I have?
Over ten years of experience.

How much do I charge?
Call or email for information.

How can you tell that there’s a need for motivational speaking?
When what you’ve tried doesn’t work, a powerful message needs to come forth!

Who is my targeted audience?
Educators, women, teen girls, organizations and businesses that needs help with empowerment.

How can you be sure that my topics will motivate?
Tell me what you need and I will make it happen!

Enjoying Where You Are on the Way To Where You Are Going – Joyce Meyer
Influencer – The Power To Change Anything – Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny and David Masfield


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    "I turned to your organization completely frustrated with my son's academic performance. It was very helpful to speak with someone that clearly understands his challenges. I now have a new perspective, and I'm excited to see him work toward his full potential. Thank you for helping me see things through my child's eyes."

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