Educational Consultant

Educational consulting/coaching is a rewarding experience!  It is rewarding because not only do I build relationships with more educators but I show them how to take the limits off of what limits them from being the most important people in the world!  I have taught administrators, teachers, parents, community stakeholders, and students how to love education!  I have done this by sharing my most powerful moments as an educator and providing data that has proven my capabilities to move schools toward academic excellence! Consulting others has led to change but most importantly, they were inspired to change!

I consult/coach Superintendents, administrators, teachers, and any other stakeholders involved in the educational process of students.  Consultations are conducted one on one, in small groups, or in whole groups.  I can deliver meetings virtually, by grade level, subject concentrations, topics that need consulting in the school setting, daycare setting, businesses, and topics to assist with pushing academic achievement.  Materials for consultations will be provided upon collaboration and approval of those needing me to consult.

How will I meet the needs during consultations?
Consultations are delivered in the format of professional development (in person or virtually).  Information will be given from researched-based, best practices and things that I have done that’s been proven to work in the classroom setting, school building setting, and school district setting.

What goal do I have in mind as I work with you and your staff?
To give the best professional development centered around best practices; the teacher is the professional and the student is the learner.

What areas of education are you experienced in consulting?
My experience is a wide range which includes trauma-informed care, leadership development, mentoring, classroom management, effective teaching, curriculum, coaching (leadership and transformational), how to teach at-risk youth, how to use data as a friend, learning environment, team building, creating a culture of literacy, diversity, culture building and positive environment. Click the “About Me” tab to see a list of professional developments I have delivered.

How far in advance can you book a date?
Call for availability.

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