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Motivational speaking and coaching allow me to impact and inspire professionals, parents, family members, friends, associates and one’s I’ve met for the first time.  The impact has allowed lives to be changed and as a result, has changed the lives of others.  I credit my motivational expertise to overcoming many obstacles in my own life and the experiences I’ve had to face.  I believe that if one doesn’t believe in self, how can one motivate others?

Speaking engagements at convocations, seminars, schools, conferences, colleges, conventions, workshops, small groups, large groups, and one on one.  Materials for speaking engagements will be provided upon collaboration and approval of those needing me to speak.

What topics have I spoken on?
•    How to stay happy about the gifts God has given you.
•    Setting aside personal conflicts to get the results needed to build a team.
•    How to love you!
•    Accountability, no biggie! I can do this!
•    How to motivate low achievers.
•    Everyone is a leader that believes.  Keep believing!
•    Negativity, has no place in the face of a child’s education.
•    Creativity, not mediocrity!

How many years of experience do I have?
Over ten years of experience.

How much do I charge?
Call or email for information.

How can you tell that there’s a need for motivational speaking?
When what you’ve tried doesn’t work, a powerful message needs to come forth!

Who is my targeted audience?
Educators, women, teen girls, organizations, and businesses that need help with empowerment.

How can you be sure that my topics will motivate you?
Tell me what you need and I will make it happen!

Enjoying Where You Are on the Way To Where You Are Going – Joyce Meyer
Influencer – The Power To Change Anything – Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, and David Masfield


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