My Philosophy

Hi.  I’m Dee Thomas, Founder and CEO of Anchored With Excellence, LLC.  I have 26 successful years in educational leadership. I believe in excellence; therefore, I embrace and impact the mind, body and soul of each life that I anchor towards excellence.  Our goal is to make a difference while transforming schools and families.  Our services include: Educational Consulting, Leadership and Transformational Coaching, Mentoring for Girls, Motivational Speaking and Tutoring.  My passion for leading has brought excellence!  I’m hoping to assist you in the future.

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  • ~ J. Fedrick

    "I was impressed with your professionalism and sincere interest in helping my Grandson. You made him feel at ease from our first meeting and, I am confident that his reading will improve from your"

  • ~ A. Smith

    "I turned to your organization completely frustrated with my son's academic performance. It was very helpful to speak with someone that clearly understands his challenges. I now have a new perspective, and I'm excited to see him work toward his full potential. Thank you for helping me see things through my child's eyes."

  • ~ A. Webster

    "My daughter is so excited about tutoring! She's excited because she knows she's learning!"

  • ~ C. Cole

    "You were a huge encouragement. Thank you for remembering what education means!"

  • ~ I. Payne

    "You are a true inspiration that I have learned so much from.  I'm happy you have joined me on this educational journey."

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