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Leadership adjectives can be valuable tools for writing engaging and concrete resume content. Hiring managers in most industries appreciate a resume that offers a clear representation of your background and work style. Learning about leadership adjectives can help you frame your work experience accurately in your resume.

What are leadership adjectives?

Leadership adjectives are key terms that you can use in a resume to describe your managerial qualities, guidance skills and experience with taking responsibility. To help hiring managers understand that you can succeed in a position, it’s important to show them that you have leadership qualities by using leadership adjectives. These words can also show hiring managers how you approach leadership opportunities in a work environment.

Why is it important to include leadership adjectives on your resume?

Leadership is a quality many hiring managers value when searching for a suitable job candidate. Including leadership adjectives on your resume can help you show hiring managers the ways you’ve learned new skills and applied them to your tasks at work. These words can also demonstrate that you can advocate for yourself and others, create effective work initiatives and maintain optimal standards.

Some companies use software that tracks leadership adjectives and other keywords in resumes they collect. Then they review your resume for those keywords to determine if your profile matches the qualities they’re seeking. If you emphasize your skills with leadership adjectives, more hiring managers may view your resume, giving you more opportunities to find a position that fits your preferences and goals.

5 leadership adjectives to include on your resume


Accountable leaders accept the outcome of the decisions they make and address any concerns others have about them. Using “accountable” on your resume may help hiring managers recognize your decision-making skills, notice how you reflect on your actions and acknowledge the quality of your job performance.


Innovative leaders can devise new ideas using the assets and background knowledge they already have. Hiring managers often hire employees who can develop strategies for new procedures that improve the company’s productivity and enhance the overall quality of its products. Using “innovative” on your resume can also help you illustrate the specific ways you improved a process at a previous organization.


Decisive leaders know how to make high-quality decisions within a specific timeline using information from different reliable sources. Hiring managers may want examples of how your decisions enacted positive change at your previous organization or helped your colleagues accomplish their tasks alongside your own.


Supportive leaders often give people the encouragement and resources they need to seek new opportunities and develop their skills. Leaders who show this quality can assist their colleagues when they seek additional input and create a working environment that promotes success. Hiring managers may look for information on your resume about how you operate in a team environment and strategies you’ve used to support team efforts.


Dedicated individuals commit to the tasks they’ve agreed to do and persevere to achieve their goals. They often understand how to approach obstacles with positivity and resilience and may inspire their colleagues to accomplish their goals. To help hiring managers recognize that you’re driven to succeed in your field, consider using “dedicated” in your resume.

Consider using these tips for using leadership adjectives on your resume:

  • Identify adjectives in the job description. You can examine the job description for relevant keywords, then incorporate them into your resume.
  • Study company mission statements. Studying mission statements can help you decide which leadership adjectives emphasize the qualities that hiring managers are seeking in a candidate. Then you can highlight those qualities on your resume.
  • Use varied adjectives. Finding a few different adjectives to describe your leadership qualities can help you write compelling resume content. Try to use each leadership adjective only once throughout your resume.
  • Proofread the spelling before you submit. Proofreading is another effective way to show hiring managers that you have the competencies you need to succeed.

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